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Kazan, Russia, Bolhaya Krasnaya st.8

Universiade 2013 in Kazan excellent showed that hotels and hotel is unable to cope with the influx of tourists, and not all of them can afford. Option to hotels more suited to those who come to town on a business trip at the expense of the company. Poor students and family people have to travel completely at their own expense, while living in Kazan is difficult to call cheap.

That's why several years ago in the entire Russian became widespread hostels. Kazan was no exception, taking the trend into service. Wiki tells us that the hostel - "European system of accommodation, offering its guests for short or long term accommodation, which is, as a rule, sleeper without additional amenities in the room."

Of course, this definition is already outdated, anyway, the founders of the hostel "Kremlin" did everything possible to make your stay comfortable in Kazan. You are occupied in the spacious cozy rooms decorated in soft purple tones. Every day here is dry cleaning. When you check in, each guest receives a fresh set of bed linen and towels. You will also have the opportunity to relax after a long walk in shower with radio and hydro-massage.

We also have a refrigerator and microwave, coffee machine, toaster, iron, ironing board, washing machine, dishwasher, dryer - everything for a comfortable stay in Kazan.

You do not need to scare of other visitors hostel who live with you in the same room. Most often it is young and active travelers who would not mind to support an interesting conversation, and soon will be for you good friends. In the evenings you can meet in a warm cozy living room, drinking tea with national sweets, chat, coming up with all sorts of games, or just sit on the internet. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hostel «Kremlin».

Particularly active can arrange for bicycle or roller skates - all this can be rented without leaving the building.


Large companies have a discount!

The «Hostel Kremlin» have special discounts on accommodation for groups of ten people or more (except for the period from 03.07 on 20.07.2013).

We opened!

The grand opening of a new conceptual «HOSTEL Kremlin» was held on June 4, 2013,

For fans to stay.

Live a month in the centre of Kazan for 10000 rubles

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P.S. The young team of modern and comfortable hostel "Kremlin" is pleased to receive guests according to all hospitality standards!
Every day we strive to be the best and make the world around us better! Your opinion is important for us! We are waiting for your response on our page!
Thank you!

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