Asics GelFlare 5 Women's Multisports Indoor Shoes B45PQ White / Blue Atoll / Fiery Coral NQ40gPVH

Asics Gel-Flare 5 Women's Multisports Indoor Shoes (B45PQ) White / Blue Atoll / Fiery Coral NQ40gPVH
  • For comfort and performance, the Asics Gel-Flare 5 is ideal for a range of indoor sports. Synthetic mesh provides breathability within the upper with GEL cushioning in the midsole for shock absorption. A non-marking rubber outsole offers optimal grip and traction without damaging the indoor courts.
  • Synthetic Mesh Upper Synthetic mesh has been used in the construction of the upper to create efficient moisture wicking properties and deliver comfort, protection and confidence as you move. The mesh actively wicks away the build-up of excess sweat and moisture, leaving your feet feeling cool, dry and comfortable as you strive for the best results and performance. Aditionally, cool air is encouraged to circulate, creating a drier, healthier environment for your feet to thrive in. The synthetic n
  • Outer Material: Synthetic
  • Inner Material: Fabric
  • Sole: Gum Rubber
  • Closure: Lace-Up
  • EVA Midsole EVA resides in the midsole for optimum cushioning and responsiveness. The plush cushioning helps to deliver a comfortable ride with each and every step without causing discomfort or distraction. Rearfoot and forefoot GEL units work in tandem with the EVA midsole to offer additional cushioning and shock absorption. The Silicone based GEL units are strategically placed close to the foot to provide targeted cushioning and enhanced performance. This results in greater comfort and reduced
  • Non-Marking Rubber Outsole A durable rubber outsole ensures a firm, assured footing to allow you to make short, sharp movements typically associated with court sports. The rubber provides a full, unrestricted range of motion in all directions to help maximise both focus and performance. The non-marking element of the outsole is perfect for wearing indoors as it does not scuff or damage the surface. Exceptional durability and stability helps you move with confidence in a shoe you can truly rely u
Asics Gel-Flare 5 Women's Multisports Indoor Shoes (B45PQ) White / Blue Atoll / Fiery Coral NQ40gPVH Asics Gel-Flare 5 Women's Multisports Indoor Shoes (B45PQ) White / Blue Atoll / Fiery Coral NQ40gPVH Asics Gel-Flare 5 Women's Multisports Indoor Shoes (B45PQ) White / Blue Atoll / Fiery Coral NQ40gPVH Asics Gel-Flare 5 Women's Multisports Indoor Shoes (B45PQ) White / Blue Atoll / Fiery Coral NQ40gPVH Asics Gel-Flare 5 Women's Multisports Indoor Shoes (B45PQ) White / Blue Atoll / Fiery Coral NQ40gPVH

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This article introduces a set of special views we use troughout the UI. All based on Salabobo L001 Womens Fashion Sandals Stilettos Glaring Beautiful Pretty Performance Leisure Heels Gold 4osibGlm

This one is all about garbage collection and avoiding memory leaks. It's main feature is the ability to detect that it got removed from the DOM. In that case, the view cleans up itself, i.e. removes all event handlers and nulls all properties automatically.

All your custom views should be based on DisposableView! And please please please favor Backbone's listenTo(...) over .on(...) (see )! The first one will be subject to garbage collection, the latter one won't.

favor Backbone's listenTo(...) over .on(...)

See io.ox/backbone/views/disposable.js

A very simple view based on DisposableView, of course. Its central option is point (string) which defines or refers to an extension point. For convenience, you can call .extend({ ... }) to define extensions on the fly.

Purpose is to simplify and promote the use of extensions.

See io.ox/backbone/views/extensible.js



Add extensions. This method expects a simple key-value object; key becomes the extension id, the value becomes the "render" function; the extensions index is auto-incremented by 100. This function is only executed once per point before render() to avoid duplicates (extensions are static, i.e. not bound to any view instance).

A modal dialog based on ExtensibleView that uses the markup and CSS of Bootstrap's Modal Dialog (see ).

See io.ox/backbone/views/modal.js

call busy() instead of close() when invoking an action (except "cancel"). This allows to do asynchronous stuff after an action has been invoked.


parent DOM element of the dialog; default is 'body'

this action is triggered on <enter> by default

set initial focus on this element

link to online help article


close popup on <escape> ; default is true


popup uses full height

extension point id to render content; not mandatory but you should use it

dialog title

dialog width


Calls render(), adds to DOM (i.e. container, see options), shows modal dialog.


Closes dialog, remove it from DOM, dialog gets disposed.


Disables all form elements, adds opacity.

idle() Enables all form elements - except those that were already disabled when calling .busy(). Removes opacity.


See ExtensibleView


Run a simple builder as a callback.

Thanks to new web platform primitives, many of the needs we’ve addressed by building over and around the platform can now be met by the platform itself...

We believe the patterns, libraries and tools we work on are beneficial, and we're happy to see them widely adopted. But our campaign to #UseThePlatform is ultimately not about driving people to use the stuff the Polymer Project builds. It’s about promoting the use of the web platform to deliver the best apps possible

If you've followed Google's much-appreciated efforts to promote the web platform over the years, much of this will sound familiar and in line with other efforts from the company.

Authored by Jason Miller, Preact is a well-established React alternative that emphasizes small library size. Coming in at 3KB gzipped, Preact uses the same API as React and is compatible with much of the ecosystem.

Preact itself is not intended to be a reimplementation of React. There are differences. Many of these differences are trivial, or can be completely removed by using preact-compat, which is an thin layer over Preact that attempts to achieve 100% compatibility with React.

The reason Preact does not attempt to include every single feature of React is in order to remain small and focused - otherwise it would make more sense to simply submit optimizations to the React project, which is already a very complex and well-architected codebase.

Preact is used by a number of large organizations including Lyft, Pepsi and . Although Preact has better start up performance (page load, for example) than React, in the latest benchmarks React is faster at updating the UI once the page is loaded.

In a way, Nike Mens SB Paul Rodriguez 9 Cupsole Technical Skateboarding Shoes White Weiß Summit White/Black 100 defUhuYMN
can be thought of as a part of the React ecosystem. However, it is much more than that. Reason is a syntax on top of the OCaml langauge. It can compile to JavaScript, but it can also compile to assembly and be used to build desktop and mobile applications. Here's some further explanation from the documentation:

Reason is not a new language; it's a new syntax and toolchain powered by the battle-tested language, OCaml. Reason gives OCaml a familiar syntax geared toward JavaScript programmers, and caters to the existing NPM/Yarn workflow folks already know...

Reason compiles to JavaScript thanks to our partner project, BuckleScript, which compiles OCaml/Reason into readable JavaScript with smooth interop. Reason also compiles to fast, barebone assembly, thanks to OCaml itself.

Reason (sometimes referred to as ReasonML) has a companion project, Renata Grey Silver Court Shoe Grey Multi CSaJr

ReasonReact is a safer, simpler way to build React components, in Reason.

By leveraging the latter's great type system, expressive language features and smooth interoperability with JS, ReasonReact packs ReactJS' features into an API that is:

It is often said that writing ReactJS code feels like "just using JavaScript". The same applies to ReasonReact, but we push it further; writing routing, data management, component composition and components themselves feel like "just using Reason".


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