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One of the most beautiful sights of Kazan considered - Bogoroditskiy monastery, which is located near the Kazan Kremlin and from our hostel. Bogoroditskiy monastery will be more interesting for the Orthodox part of tourists and visitors to the city, as it was in this monastery is the Kazan icon of the Mother of God. Place it in Kazan very interesting and colorful.


If you can't decide what hostel in Kazan you choose, we will tell you about the merits of the hostel «Kremlin», the main of which is convenient transportation. We are situated at a fifteen minute walk from the train station, you can take the fast train «Swallow» and twenty minutes to the airport «Kazan».

Kazan metro is one of the youngest in Russia. First stations were opened in 2005 on the Millennium of the city. Accommodation in Kazan will be the easier the closer you stay to the metro station. This is perhaps one of the main advantages of the hostel «Kremlin» - metro station «Kremlyovskaya» is literally a five minute walk.

Each station is decorated in its own style, for example, station «Ploshchad Tukaya» done in the spirit of Tatar tales. «Kozya Sloboda» is a striking high-tech, but the «Aircraft» is a tribute to the style of the USSR. One of the most beautiful stations is «Sukonnaya Sloboda», appearing on the surface and made of glass.

Travel smart tokens or transport cards that you can buy and top up right in the subway ticket office. With the passage of the electronic map will cost you a bit cheaper not 16, and 15 rubles. All stations are equipped reference terminals, which will help the tourist to navigate the city. Information terminals provide in three languages - Russian, English and Tatar.

Currently, the group commissioned ten stations of Kazan metro is not only the youngest in Russia, but also the shortest. Although, this does not prevent getting from one end of town to the other. Metro cars, nearly new, clean and tidy. In the near future construction of the second branch of the subway, and while on the underground train you can go from Victory Avenue in Aviastroitelny district. Metro in Kazan is a great way to quickly and without traffic jams to get to the center of the city, visit the cultural sites of the third capital or shopping centers, located along the route of the metro station «Ring», «GUM», «Tandem», «Suite-Hall» and others.

Conceptual hostel in Kazan welcomes you on national holidays! «Kremlin» is a unique project, executed in the spirit of the sights of Kazan. Without going outside, you can walk about a makeshift street Kremlin and see the Kremlin. But the attractions - this is not all. To feel the spirit of Tatarstan, you have to feel its national character. Where you can do better than on national holidays and celebrations?

The main national holiday in Tatarstan, of course, is the Sabantui or «Holiday of plough». Celebrations take place in early summer and are accompanied by a large number of different contests. Participation is open to all comers. Here and traditional wrestling bags, armwrestling, climbing the pole. Get the coin from the dish with sour cream for hands - quite an amusing sight. Sack race and attempts eyes closed split stick crock - all that Kazan experience every year.

Performances of creative collectives, national songs and dances, acrobats, mass tea and a shish kebab - all provided for the guests. If your accommodation in Kazan fell on celebrating Sabantuy, you simply must visit it. Usually citywide celebrations are held in several locations, mostly in nature - in the birch grove settlement Mirny and Lebyazhye lake.
Guaranteed great number of prizes and different experiences. 

One of the most popular holidays is considered to be the city day that is annually celebrated in Kazan on 30 August. Usually celebrations in Kazan Kremlin on Bauman street and square in front of the theater after Galiaskar Kamal. Regular celebration of the city day is accompanied by the performance of famous artists and fireworks.

Visit the festivities - the best way to appreciate the national flavor of Tatarstan. You can mingle with the crowd, feel the rhythm of Tatar music and learn more about the traditions of Tatar people. The administration of our hostel is pleased to tell you where and when are the citywide celebrations and sends you in Kazan.

Short-term accommodation in Kazan is not only a reason to spend some time close to the nature or consider attractions. It's a great opportunity for shopping. In the third capital of quite a lot of shopping centers, which can not only rest, but also buy something for yourself (or favorite). We begin, of course, with MEGA. Here you will find not only a huge variety of shops of clothes, but also such large-scale stores as «Ikea» or «Obi». Shopping center has a great play area for children and a year-round skating rink.

Neighbor MEGA shopping centre «Yujniy» in addition to a large selection of clothing stores includes only shop «Ashan». Moreover, you can visit Vip-cinema, also in the «Yujniy» regular nightly sales. To get in the shopping centre «Tandem», you can ride on the metro stations «Kozya Sloboda». Here you will be welcomed by cinema and entertainment centre «Attraction» with bowling, billiards, air hockey and a games area.

Get in the shopping centre «Koltso» can be directly from the metro station «Ploshchad Tukaya». The distinctive feature of this center can be seen as a cinema «Karo», entertainment area with pool table, 4D-attraction and the largest in Kazan bookstore. Here, on the street of St. Petersburg is located the shopping mall «Bulvar», on the third floor which is «Touching zoo» is a great place for children where they can socialize with the animal world.

In the shopping center «Park house» in addition to the cinema you can find entertainment complex «Sozvezdie rajvletschenij» and only in a virtual fitting. On the second floor there is a cozy children's area and even runs a cheerful train.

Also for you daily shopping malls «XL» and «Savinovo», «Bahetle», GUM, «Panorama», «Frant», «Korston», «City center» and «Suvar Plaza», which regularly hosts visits to the cinema 4D. And herein lies one of the most popular restaurants in Kazan «Maximilian».

From the city centre in a few minutes can reach any city shopping center. Hostel in Kazan is one of the main types of accommodation, as has a low price and favorable location (normally in the centre of the city). Hostel «Kremlin» was no exception - having decided to stay with us, you will find yourself in the center of all roads in Kazan.

Kazan is not inferior to other Russian cities by the number of green plantings. For the Universiade 2013 in the city planted thousands of trees, in addition to this the city has many parks in neat paths, fountains and benches where you can spend time with a book or a loved one.

One of the largest parks of the city is located in the center of the area - next to the sports complex «basket-Hall». Millennium Park was inaugurated in 2005. There is a monument Bulgar poet Kul Gali, so the big fountain with winged dragons Zilants, there is Wi-Fi area. «Kremlin» - hostel in Kazan, located near the Park of the Black lake, its highlight is the Arch lovers. Staying in the hostel «Kremlin» you each morning can go walking or jogging in the fresh air, riding in the park rollerblading, biking or swing. 

Park of Uritskiy also called park newlyweds. Here young couples come directly from the registry office to hang lock on one of the bridges thrown over channels of a small lake. Come here anyway, that look at the history of the inhabitants of this city. And pulls read the names written on the locks, imagining the faces of people who could leave them here.

Accommodation in Kazan will be wasted if you do not visit the Park Universiade, equipped to the events of 2013. The Park stretches along the new quay of Kazanka river. From here you have a view on the opposite Bank - wedding Palace in the form of a bowl, high-rise residential complexes and the highest in Kazan hotel «Riviera». On the other side of the Park surrounds Palace of agriculture is one of the most impressive structures in the city, designed in the Gothic style. By the way, this Park is located opposite the Kazan Kremlin, a couple of minutes walk from the hostel «Kremlin».

But the eternal flame located in the park of Victory. Here you can see the exhibition of military equipment, ride a catamaran, or rent a bicycle. For the youngest there are water zorba, trampolines and bouncy towns. Summer in park of the Victory will be held screening under the open sky. Roller-skating or skiing better in Gorky park near the shopping center «Korston».

In addition to the ancient architecture of Kazan is known in the Republic (and the whole of Russia) for its water-parks in the city for two. Both are equipped with the latest technology and bring a lot of extreme sensations.

Accommodation in Kazan gives undeniable advantages in the form of opportunities to visit aquapark at least every day! Aqua Park «Riviera» is considered one of the best in Russia. Here you can not only enjoy the water attractions, but bask in the sun by the open area near Europe's largest open-air swimming pool.

It is worth noting that in the " Riviera " is well equipped children's play area - a pirate ship. Adult suit sauna, steam bath , Jacuzzi and , of course, extreme rides . Hills "Niagara ," " Anaconda" and "Bermuda descent ", raft on which you want on an inflatable " bun " , will go to those who are not too used to take risks. For those who love a thrill slides are intended as a " Kamikaze ", " Deadlock " and " Jump into the abyss ." Here inflatable boat you do not need - you just jump into a black tube with sharp turns , and there is no end to it , no edge .

If you are looking for a suitable hostel in Kazan, it is best to choose something in the city centre. Then you will have a chance to visit aquapark - it is just a fifteen minute drive from the heart of Kazan. And there will be waiting attraction for surfing, simulating ocean waves, and the opportunity to go diving.

The second water Park in Kazan - «Barioniks» - not much inferior to the «Riviera». Here there are gentle race for family descent race, but «little sharp» hills abound: «Serpentine» which you are flying with a speed of 20 km/h, «Anaconda» (the speed of 24 km/h), «Tsunami». Jacuzzi, children's area, a large number of pools, including a pool for jump - all this water Park «Barioniks».

That and say that in Kazan love extreme entertainment. In this city are able to deliver the experience. This is why Kazan will be a perfect choice for travel for those who still have a rebellious spirit.

Not far from Kazan you can find wonderful places, which are not inferior in the beauty of the most exquisite buildings, created by the hands of man. The first of these places - Blue lake. They became famous in the first place water temperature: it remains stable throughout the year. The lake does not freeze, water temperature is +4.

Water in the lakes of crystal-clear lake is a deep blue color. Divers regularly making here dive under water and even put on a bottom of lake Blue Christmas tree. It is believed that this is one of the places of power, and the one who will swim in the icy water, to be shielded from all diseases.

Employees of any hostel in Kazan, in particular administrators hostel "Kremlin " is always willing to point you the way and help you to book a ticket for a tour or a shuttle bus. Blue Lakes Nature is full of variety - running at lightning speed streams, comfortable arbors and flocks of ducks have a pleasant rest from the city.

But the joy of living in Kazan will be incomplete without a visit to another place called Kama mouth. This place is situated near Kazan near Kuibyshev reservoir. Breadth of the river at this point is at its peak, there is a feeling that you are somewhere on the coast. Picturesque coast rise high above the water, forming almost vertical slope.

But climbers and cavers this place is interesting not only for beautiful views of the river. Here is Yuryevskaya cave. The cave entrance is quite broad, but then the tunnel splits into three roads are quite narrow. First of all, you get to the silver room, so named because of the drops on the ceiling, reflecting the light of a candle or flashlight. Followed by a hall with quaint stone statues, then - the fork in the road.

One path leads to the hall "Arena" , the other - in the " Flounder " , the third - in the " Grotto of rain ." In some places, impossible to go , we have to crawl on my belly, but local adventurers are not scared . Especially because Yurevskaya cave not long at all - just 300 meters away. Contact the administrator of the hostel, and it will help you in touch with a guide and make an excursion to this wonderful place where the Volga and Kama merge together.

Choosing a hostel in Kazan, should depend primarily on its location. Choosing a place to stay, pay attention to the transport infrastructure around it. For example, the «Kremlin» is located near the metro station «Kremlyovskaya», offering a few minutes to reach local attractions - amusement Park «Kyrlai». 

Here you will find many pleasant surprises in the form of a variety of attractions. The first of them - «Mars», made in the form of a huge swing and making a «sun». To tickle the nerves of fans of extreme sports, operators overturn swing and stop it in this state for a few seconds, which seem like an eternity. One of the new attractions «Centrifuge» is a huge wheel. First, it lays on the ground and spinning at a breakneck speed. Then design breaks away from the earth and stands upright, not losing speed.

Another way to get their share of thrills that you will find accommodation in Kazan, ride on a «Flying saucer.» «Honey» she doesn't, but flies high enough for almost any trajectory, spinning around its axis. «Falling tower» - the attraction is calmer, but not everyone keep from screaming when you raise to a great height and sharply «throw down».

In the park there is the famous «roller coaster» and almost every adult has an attraction for children's analog. However, there is a pediatric and adult basic activities like skating on machines or swimming in the pool on inflatable boats . Here you can always find something to entertain themselves - shooting at a shooting range, for example, play a game of basketball, kids can take a ride on the mini - quad bikes. A major «celebrity» , by itself, is a Ferris wheel - one of the main viewing platforms Kazan. It offers a wonderful view of the Kazan Kremlin , and Kazanka new attraction - Wedding Palace in the form of a bowl. For very active: in the " Kyrlay " you can play games such as paintball , air soft and laser tag . In any case, no one has to leave here without a smile.

Nightlife is what attracts literally all young people, whatever they are. In Kazan the nightlife is pretty rough, so don't mention it would be a serious omission. If you are a guest in the hostel in Kazan, most of which are located in the centre, it is easiest to reach the famous bar «Coyote Ugly».

The bar is located on the pedestrian Bauman street and working on the franchise its U.S. counterpart. Everything is like in "States " - sea of tequila , the motley crowd and girls dancing on the bar . On the dispute with these girls it is better not to drink - perhaps not yet born the man who won the argument.

Accommodation in Kazan requires you to at least visit to the club «Legend» - former club «Paradise», which survived the total rebranding. «Legend» is a huge room, which regularly visit the best of world music stars. For those who loves to thematic student parties, fit club «4 rooms» with karaoke and four separate areas, each of which has a different conceptually.

Fans of rock and unorthodox parties is more suitable «Mayakovsky» club - design here is made in red and yellow colours on the ceiling - quotes the great poet and the already famous in Kazan red plane. Here already become a strong company ordinary people who are willing to take to itself of interesting new people. Similarly, there is a club and «Chinatown» on Bulak.

Another concept is the club «Ferz» opened in the capital of Tatarstan, a few years ago. Skipping here - solely on club cards , but you can bring along friends . If you like the administration - get a personal club card . The club has the status of " play- bar ." In other words - you can win at the club , such as alcoho or dinner. Pick and choose the game , although it often turns out to be roulette .

In Kazan, there are a large number of night clubs - "Arena », «Sinema», « State 51 », «Luxor», «Rasputin." Everyone will find a place for the soul. Will disperse to their homes in a taxi, because the subway is only open until eleven o'clock at night . But it's a great way to meet new people and make friends in a strange city for you.

Once in Tatarstan hosted the World Summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan accommodation will bring you more positive emotions , as the infrastructure of the city refreshed and acquired several prominent buildings.

One of these buildings - a new palace wedding in the form of bowls , situated on the banks of Kazanki. Height of the building from the outside more than 30 meters , with the palace for a few meters away to the ground. Platform on the roof of the building is now available for all residents and visitors to the capital of Tatarstan. It offers spectacular views of the city center . Area viewing platform - more than five hundred square meters with others.

The second place in our improvised ranking is the stadium «Kazan-arena» for forty-five thousand seats. The stadium was designed in the form of water lilies that is appropriate - it is situated on the Bank of the river. Outside the building was built Europe's largest media facades, which will broadcast the matches. Another acquisition of the Universiade Kazan - miniature monuments leopard uni - mascot student games 2013. Children's snow leopard you can see at the beginning and end of Bauman street, Park Universiade front of the stadium, Kazan arena and in other important areas of Kazan.

Of sports objects, appeared in Kazan in 2013 can be distinguished tennis Academy - its facade is made in the form of installation in the form of a tennis racket, beating on the ball. When designing the building was designed and implemented an interesting idea in light of the dynamic lighting of the building, therefore, is especially impressive Academy looks at night. One more sports facility, worthy of attention, is the Palace of water sports. In 2015 it will be the world championship. On the facade of the building you can see the pattern of alternate matte and glossy bands. The main technical feature of the object can be considered as lifting the bottom, allowing you to adjust the depth of the basin depending on the competition.

"Kremlin" – the only concept hostel in Kazan: you can see the traditional sights without leaving the building. However, to watch sports facilities, will have to run through the city, they are scattered in different corners of Kazan, but definitely worthy of attention a third capital city.

Kazan is the best city that takes advantage of fashion trends. Such a direction as the hostel in Kazan received the lightning direction, as, however, unusual cafe. In the «Ziferblat» you pay not for what eaten or smashed, only for how much time you spent there. Tea, coffee and cookies - free. Regular themed events - concerts, here there are a few clubs in foreign language study. In unusual cafe you can come for the master class in dancing or night cinema festival - every day there is something new.

However, this is not all. Recently appeared in the city a cat cafe. In the «Cote next to the living» live a few cats. If you do not have enough communication with pets, you can come here and spend time with them. You can come to the cafe with your own pets.

Recently actively began to develop the direction of «working centers». Accommodation in Kazan is not always frees you from work. On the contrary - it is possible that from another city you have to work remotely, which requires well-equipped working place. In kworking centre, which in Kazan now, you can rent a workplace for some 400 rubles per day. Thus you will have a powerful computer, high speed Internet access, printer, and other necessary for the job attributes.

Constant in recent years have become events such as garage sales. At these gatherings Kazan and visitors will be able to find unusual things - handmade jewelry, designer clothes and rare records. A special place in the life of the city occupied by activities such as water fights (this event is usually held at the fountains in the square in front of the Kamal`s theater) or "arms."

Flash mobs Free Hugs in Kazan held for several years. Several dozen young people take to the streets with signs "Hug gift" or «Free Hugs». Young people are on the streets, hugging everyone in its path. It helps to be liberated, to feel not so alone and share their warmth with others.

«Kremlin» - not just a hostel in Kazan, this hostel, located in the heart of the third capital. In walking distance is the famous Kazan Kremlin, built in the 16th century.

On the territory of the Museum-reserve is the largest in Europe the Kul Sharif mosque, built in 2005. Here is several Museum, among them the Islamic art Museum, the natural history Museum of Tatarstan, the national art gallery «Hazine», museum of the Great Patriotic war and others.

The main attraction of Kazan - the tower «Suyumbike» glorified by the fact that its deviation from the vertical axis is nearly two meters. «Suyumbike» is included in a relatively short rating leaning towers in the world.


Guests of Kazan can visit the Museum of history of statehood, exhibition hall «Manege» and the center «Hermitage-Kazan», where regular exhibitions are held with the support of the St. Petersburg Hermitage. On the territory of the Kazan Kremlin annually we have such holidays as «the Night of museums», contemporary art festival «Kremlin Live» and international festival «Music of the faith».

From the walls of the Kremlin offers a beautiful view of the embankment of the river Kazanka, Park Universiade and «the Palace of Farmers». In the Park on the territory of the reserve monument Kazan of architect Postnik Yakovlev and Ivan Shiray. Here in the 16th century, right after the capture of Kazan by Ivan the Terrible, was built the Cathedral of the Annunciation.

This is one of the most popular places in town where you can buy a national jewelry and souvenirs with symbols of Kazan, though, if you are located in the hostel "Kremlin ", you can buy souvenirs , without leaving the building . From the hostel «Kremlin» accommodation in Kazan will be very low-fatigue , because all the attractions are literally around the corner from where you live - the Kazan Kremlin, Palace of Farmers , the main street of Kazan the Bauman street, Black Lake Park , Central Stadium, and much more. The hostel administration will help you make an organized tour of the main sights of Kazan , providing you with a map of the city and detailed instructions on the movements.

Take pictures with monuments – favorite thing  of each tourist. But, you see, is uninteresting to take pictures only near a monument to Lenin which is in every city. The soul to ask something more original. So, let’s begin.

If you have decided to choose hostel in Kazan, it is better to choose something more close to city centre, in fact the majority of monuments are collected here. We shall begin with small statues «barsenka Uni», got to city after the Universiada games. Kittens rise at small pedestals and wave  to you a hand. If you live in city centre the nearest monuments  will be is in park of the Universiade games and in the « Bauman» street.

The second point is also located on the main pedestrian street of Kazan - the Kazan cat. Legend of Kazan cat goes back to the times of Empress Catherine and her arrival in the capital of Tatarstan. The Empress was surprised that in Kazan  there are so few mouses, and she was informed that cats that live in Kazan are excellent mouses – cathers. According to legend, a few cats Catherine took with her to St. Petersburg. By the way, you will find on the same place on Bauman street and Catherine`s coach.

A couple of years ago, an another monument appeared in the city. It is located on the square in front of the Kamal`s theater and is dedicated to the most famous heroes of Tatar people`s  fairy tales «Shurale» or «Wood-goblin».  Shurale and Batyr sitting on a log, and the forest monster looks thoughtful surprisingly. August 30, 2008 in Kazan was solemnly opened a monument to charity. The monument is even the live demo. In general, the design consists of a horse harnessed in a cart. On the wagon sets a small group of kids, the horse's reins keeps a man. Accommodation in Kazan at the «Kremlin» will give you the opportunity to at least walk each day past the monument, because it is located near the walls of the Kazan Kremlin.

Should not pass a small Zilant, placed at the exit of the metro station «Kremlyovskaya». Dragon here is quite small, however, this is a true symbol of Kazan, the photo with its will be particularly valuable. Unusual can be called a monument of water trucks placed near the Gorky Park.

As well as any other national republic, Tatarstan is famous for the national kitchen. Naturally, would be silly to collide with other culture and to not plunge into it, including – to not try intricate hitherto unknown dishes. In Kazan literally continually it is possible to meet cafe with national kitchen. The most popular dishes widely widespread in Kazan – a triangle and elesh, batches concerning the category.

It is not necessary to overlook and the Tatar sweets in which rating is in the lead chak-chak – surprisingly gentle honey delicacy. By the way, «Kremlin» - hostel in Kazan in which you at any time can take pleasure in taste of national Tatar sweets. Especially you  can taste more serious dishes – kystybyi, house soup or solyanka. It is only small part of that you should be taste in Tatarstan. Especially the republic is generous on nourishing and juicy pies which will leave nobody indifferent.

Without souvenirs from Kazan  still nobody leave. One of the most popular subject matters, which tourists take away with themselves home, the national headdress  is tyubiteyka. It is a  round hat with the Tatar national ornament. The majority of the famous actors and the sportsmen who have visited Kazan, have taken away with itself this small souvenir. Though, after carrying out of the Universiada game manufacturers of souvenirs became more original and even have let out inhibited air. It is the Kazan air which has been rolled up in a usual can. Silly, but it is lovely.

A lot of  magnets, plates and handbells with the image of Kazan you can find in the Kremlin or in the  «Bauman» street . Also you can buy souvenirs on a reception of our hostel. Though, any souvenir will not replace original impressions about city. Therefore we advise you to take more pictures and visit local holidays – the Day of city or the Sabantuy.

Fountains – favorite seat of the townspeople in hot days. The most known fountains in city, certainly, at Kamal's theatre. Especially effectively they are looked at night when illumination joins. Here, on the «Kaban»  lake works the highest fountain in city. Fountains on the area before Kamal's theatre become desired object for fans of water fights. The trajectory of water delivery in these fountains changes every minutes. Complex geometrical dance of water turns out.

«Bulak» – the channel   in city centre is covered by fountains. Almost any hotel, hostel  in Kazan settles down near to these seats, to pass by it will be simply impossible. However, water in the channel not at all fresh, and sparks to face become not such a pleasant moment.

There are  three  fountains in  a Bauman's foot street . First of them – a fountain with a merman. It is  the oldest fountain in Kazan. There is also  a fountain with three huge frogs and a fountain with pigeons. In good weather real pigeons sit down that are established on a monument, and from apart it is almost impossible to understand, who from them alive and who is cast from metal.

Two enough the impressive fountains are located in the end of street «Peterbugskaya». Basically they are famous that to here restless children fill a powder, organizing the improvised foam parties directly in the street. Perhaps, the biggest fountain in  city is  located  in  the «Tysyachiletiya»  park. It is cast in the form of huge cauldron on edges of a reservoir winged dragons  are named «Zilant». Small lovely fountains are established in square at National Kazan Cultural center. Water here falls so, that reminds a water hemisphere or simply a hedgehog.

Residing at Kazan not cheap, but if you wish to see all places of interest of Kazan city you should concentrate in basic  at the center  and the optimum decision becomes hostel. Besides, your possibility every day will investigate new territories. By the way, if to speak about the center: amazing small fountain  with the angels  is executed in the St.-Petersburg fountains style , you will find on a «Leninskiy» yard, one more, executed in spirit of national color – at theatre of an opera and ballet.

Capital of Tatarstan name city of universities, which here great variety. Your residing at Kazan is maybe connected with delivery in one of them. Hostel «Kremlin» - unique hostel in Kazan which it is located in step-by-step availability from all main universities of city. At all a number – in the street Kremlin – locates the main building of the Kazan federal university. It has been created on the basis of Kazan State University – the oldest high school in Kazan.

Here the campus, library of Lobachevsky, an observatory, some educational bodies and Kazan State University «УНИКС» - sports and in combination a concert hall is located.

One more impressive high school which is being nearby to our hostel – KNITU-KAI, more known as the Kazan aviation institute. It is not necessary to think, that here learn only to aircraft construction, there are economic and humanitarian specialities too. The main building KAI is located  to Karl Marx street- only one stop from hostel. Other buildings are located little bit further – on the « Ploshad Svobody» and «Tolstogo», «Bolshaya Krasnaya».

In «Kremlevskaya» street Kazan  guests can find the Russian state trade and economic university which more recently became branch REU  named by Plehanov. Specialities basically accounting and economic.

Hardly further, on the «Tostogo» street  is The Kazan State Technological University located , or in an old fashion – the Kazan Chemical Technological institute . As of today its graduates are one of the most demanded in Tatarstan.

Not so far  from hostel «Kremlin» (anyway, on foot it it is possible to reach about for 20 minutes), the college of economy and management . Also near to the center it is possible to find the Kazan state architecturally-building university where prepare  the best in Tatarstan designers, architects and town-planners.

The Kazan State Medical University is one of the most prestigious in the city. It is situated on the « Butlerov» street, in five minutes of walking from shopping center " Kolso".


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