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One of the most beautiful sights of Kazan considered - Bogoroditskiy monastery, which is located near the Kazan Kremlin and from our hostel. Bogoroditskiy monastery will be more interesting for the Orthodox part of tourists and visitors to the city, as it was in this monastery is the Kazan icon of the Mother of God. Place it in Kazan very interesting and colorful.


Богородицкий монастырь 

Kazan Icon of the Mother of God

This is the main temple of the monastery, where, in fact, is on the second floor of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God. This monastery - male. By the way, follow the dress code when visiting these places. Monks are very upset that people go there for a walk, although the place is not simple.


History of Kazan icon. At the spot where now is the monastery was in the XVI century strelets village where the family lived Onuchina, and they had a daughter, Matron. And so it happened that the fault of the family burned part of the settlement: whether the bath is not so flooded, or what. After that the family wanted to punish, but ten hours came Matron Mother of God, and said the place where the icon is.A little girl for a long time did not believe , but after excavations still found miraculous list , then the family left alone. Looks like a sign , they thought. On the location of icons and founded the then Bogoroditsky Nunnery , and became the first matron his Superior. At the beginning of the XX century , the icon was stolen. Thief was caught , but the icon he was not. According to the materials , jewelry with icons he sold , and its very - ripped apart. But after a while it became clear that the icon was sold . For a long time it has been in private collections in Argentina was in the U.S., then the Pope , who in 2005 brought her back . By the way, instead of Kazan was built Catholic church in the street of St. Petersburg .




This small chapel. Here, according to legend, and found a miraculous icon of Kazan. At this place was formerly a temple, which was destroyed during the Soviet period. Now plans for its restoration.


And a couple of old photos, though have little idea how to be a monastery.


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