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Cdt test carbohydrate deficient transferrin is a blood test used to check if a person has been drinking large amounts of alcohol over the previous 7 14 days. Alternativ verwenden mediziner verschiedene synonyme für den cdt blutwert wie kohlenhydrat defizientes transferrin asialotransferrin und desialotransferrincdt ist ein biochemischer laborparameter zur identifizierung von chronischem alkohol missbrauch.

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A cdt test is also used by companies such as transport for london tfl who want to make sure an employee is not drinking excessively.

Cdt test results. Damit die blutwerte alkohol mittels cdt im serum anzeigen müssen. This percentage is directly influenced by the amount of alcohol that is consumed so heavier drinkers are going to have a higher overall percentage. Any test results from the cdt blood test that are 17 or higher are considered a positive test.

Während die atemluft sehr schnell untrügliche beweise dafür liefert ob ein verkehrsteilnehmer vor fahrtantritt getrunken und damit womöglich seine fahrtüchtigkeit beeinträchtigt hat benötigt der cdt für einen test auf alkohol eine gewisse wirkzeiter eignet sich daher vor allem zur diagnostik von chronischen trinkern. Patients with liver disease due to genetic or nongenetic causes may also have abnormal results. The initial cdt tests would return false positives due to the above factors but now newer tests can identify genetic variants that can cause false positives and negatives as well as patterns caused by liver disease related to heavy drinking.

The dvla accepts a cdt cut off level of 22. Patients with chronic alcoholism may develop abnormally glycosylated transferrin isoforms ie carbohydrate deficient transferring. Cdt results from 011 to 012 are considered indeterminate.

Cdt ist eine abkürzung für carbohydrat deficient transferrin. A cdt test is used by the dvla when a person applies for their driving license to be reinstated.

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