Tibial Tuberosity Injury Adults

Postoperative care and rehabilitation goals to keep the patella in the trochlea. To protect the healing of both osteotomies.

Mortarmens Knee Adult Onset Tibial Tubercle Exostoses In 2

The fracture of tibial tuberosity is a rare lesion and still more unusual in adults.

Tibial tuberosity injury adults. Tibial tuberosity avulsion fractures are uncommon. Watch for compartment syndrome if acute. Epidemiology these fractures have an incidence 04 to 27 and males are affected more so than females.

The aim of this study was to present an unusual case of direct trauma of the tibial tuberosity in an adult and the therapy performed. Doctors give trusted helpful answers on causes diagnosis symptoms treatment and more. 13 it has not been reported with proximal tibial diaphyseal fractures.

Avulsion fractures of the tibial tuberosity in the adult are extremely rare with only 3 reported cases. To activate all stabilizing muscle groups and later to strengthen them. Background fractures of the tibial tuberosity are rare taking only 3 of the proximal tibial fractures.

This injury is a very rare event in adults. Tibial tuberosity avulsion fracture in an adult a rare case report. The typical patient is an adolescent male approaching skeletal maturity with well deve.

Because of the associated soft tissue injury with these proximal tibial fractures a displaced tuberosity fracture creates a problem in fracture management. Avulsion of the tibial tuberosity is not an uncommon entity seen in adolescents. 1 this traumatic lesion is typical of the growth age when muscles tendons and ligaments are stronger than the growth plate.

46 both fractures require operative. We describe a case in an adult who suffered a left knee injury due to a fall from height. Michalski on tibial tuberosity pain adults.

The most difficult part is the correct balancing of the medial and lateral soft tissue structures.

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